Thursday, February 7, 2008

Under the Bed

I asked Ethan to clean his room last night before bed, then again this morning. He ran upstairs and down again in a suspiciously small amount of time so I went to inspect. Ethan's cleaning method had been to shove everything underneath his bed so that it was slightly less visible. I was tired of asking him to clean his room, so decided to do it myself and give him another job in exchange.

Here is what I found under his bed:

1 dirty sock
4 gum wrappers
2 permission slips for school
24 "cootie catchers" stacked 4 inches high
5 origami fish
his spelling list from last week
7 other unidentifiable origami creations
a thing of scotch tape
the outstanding bill for his piano lessons
all 5 of his piano books
a blue patch silly putty that fused to the carpet
a box of Sponge Bob Square pants Legos
a box of Dragon Legos
4 pencils (one mechanical)
2 Pokemon cards
A Nintendo DS car charger
Headphones for Nintendo DS
An empty case for a Nintendo game cartridge
A Palm Pilot

Just for the record, this represents a 3 day's accumulation of stuff. Monday it was clean enough under the bed for me to vacuum there. I know...pretty impressive.


Angela Hunter said...

Oh my gosh. Is this what I have to look forward to? That is crazy! I can't believe he had all that stuff under his bed. What is he doing with a palm pilot?

Betty Grace said...

That is a cute post- very Louise Plummer of you. :)

Afton said...

I was totally thinking of Louise as I was writing it.