Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still Recovering

I am not sure where to start. I haven’t blogged for a week and have so much to say. But where do I start?

I have some really interesting comments to make about driving in Southern California and how many miles it takes to move across 5 lanes of traffic to make your exit. And passing! I have a lot to say about passing and spending time in the fast lane.

I have a lot of thoughts on who Disneyland is really for. We treated Disneyland like a very important job: We left our condo 30 minutes before Disneyland opened and were there almost until closing every day. We left the park once for dinner on one of the days, but other than that, we never left. We pushed the kids so that they would have happy memories and not miss one thing! Whose dreams were we really fulfilling?

I would also like to write about a major milestone we hit during our trip. Our car turned 100,000 miles and we were there to witness it. Very exciting stuff.

However, the house could really use a little attention. There is literally no food in the fridge except the gallon of milk I bought last night so we could have cold cereal this morning. It’s a beautiful sunny day and there are things to be done, so I’m going to call this good and maybe or maybe not write of these things later.


Angela Hunter said...

That is an amazing photo! did ours turn out that nicely??? What a perfect spot! I'm glad you made it home safely.

Senia said...

I hope you do write about those other things, because I, for one, would to hear about all of them! (Or I suppose you can share your tales at our family get together when I'm home - yippee!)
Glad you guys made it home safely! :-)

Catherine said...

I like your new banner art.

I miss living close to Disneyland and having the annual passes. We would go for a couple of hours and only hit our favorite rides and then come home and not feel like we were losing out. Good times. Too bad the kids don't remember it at all.

I hope you can get some rest now that your vacation is over.