Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Disney Tip #1 - Skip Nemo

I know it will be hard to pass up the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride when you see the super long line that doesn’t seem to let up all day. You will wonder why this line is longer than any other ride in Disneyland (except maybe the Rockets and Dumbo rides) and will incorrectly assume that it must be because the ride is awesome.

Even if somebody trusted, like your mother, tells you to skip it, you will disregard the advice because clearly thousands of people who wait an hour or more to get on those cheerful, yellow submarines can’t all be wrong.

So, stand in line. In fact, arrive at the Disneyland gates 30 minutes before opening, then run directly to the Nemo ride so you can ride it before the line gets long (you will still wait one hour). You might choose to let your older child ride the nearby Matterhorn while you “hold” his place in line. Just remember, you have to stand next to the people he will cut in front of for another 45 minutes.

Finally, on the ride you will start to question your decision to wait in line. You will look at your kids faces to get some kind of confirmation that they are having a magical experience, that it was worth the wait. You will see them staring through the little portholes with blank looks. They are looking for the magic.

The first part of the ride has a few underwater marvels such as sunken Easter Island-type monoliths and a diver (not real) who’s mask bears the name “P. Sherman” and an actual address which you might be able to read if you are at the right angle for the right amount of time. Check out this video to see for yourself.

After you go through the waterfall, the “Nemo” part of the ride begins. This is where you might feel a little let down. You actually watch, on a series of underwater screens, clips from the Finding Nemo movie. The clips are put together to create a slightly different story which includes the submarine getting swallowed by a whale (I can’t remember if that was before or after we were blown up in an underwater minefield left over from the original Disney submarine ride).

Before you know it, the ride is over and you are back on land. Try not to look at the saps still standing in line with too much pity as you walk by, especially the ones who are close to the front and have been waiting an hour. It will probably make them feel bad.


Betty Grace said...

that's funny. They could have done so much with that ride but still as dumb as the submarine thing huh. Bummer.

Angela Hunter said...

Here here!

Amy said...

Thank you for the advice. We hope to go this time next year. And since our little girl loves Nemo, we will have to veer away from that area!! Your blog is great! You are a great writer.