Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tzarist, 104 points

Angela and I play an on-line Scrabble game at In a recent game I... oh, how do I put this gently...swept the floor with her. I was already winning when I played the word "tzarist" and racked up a wad of points and a bonus for using all 7 letters. My final score, as you can see from the game board, was not only enough to win, but was well into the 400's. (If you can't read microscopic print, the final score was me: 462, Angela: 315.)

I asked Angela if she thought there was any one at Scrabble headquarters I could contact to submit my winning score to be published in some kind of Scrabble history book. There had to be some way to publicly acknowledge my Scrabble awesomeness. Maybe the Guinness Book of World Records has a category for something like this?

Angela assured me that she and Andrew would always remember my great game, but she didn't think my great score was worthy of publication. Darn!

So, in hopes of gaining a little public recognition, I'm posting our Scrabble game here, on my blog, where I know it will have plenty of attention. To be fair, Angela had a pretty good game too. She came up with tzarist"s" for something like 84 points. (very clever Angela!) However, it just wasn't enough to stop me.

And here is what Angela and I look like when we are playing on-line scrabble:

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Angela Hunter said...

Good game. That was certainly a very Tzarist move of you. Hopefully I can come back from that beating in our next game. Check my blog in the next two days for an update.