Monday, September 17, 2007

The Most Expensive Date Ever

The Good News: Robert and I got to go on an actual date this weekend where we went out to dinner and had adult conversation (about taxes and politics of course!) and we didn’t have kids interrupting every 3.6 seconds with: Can I have a hamster? How did pioneers roast marshmallows? I have to pee! Do you want to see my bug collection? Can you wash these smashed tomatoes out of my hair?

The Bad News: The date cost us over $1,600.

Here’s how it happened:

Robert: That was a great dinner. Let’s go into this electronics store and look at electronic equipment we have no intention of buying.

Afton: No, let’s go into Macy’s and look at all the shoes and pick me out a swanky pair of boots!

Robert: How about going to look for a mattress?

Afton: OK

The Good News: In 2 to 4 hours, our new mattress will be delivered. We have 90 days to try it out and we can return it if we don’t like it.

The Bad News: They are going to haul away our old mattress, so we will have to end up buying a new mattress one way or the other. Also, if the new mattress gets any moisture on it (including sweat or condensed breath) the return policy will be void.

The Good News: Mattress World conveniently had a moisture proof mattress pad available for sale. Outrageously overpriced, (I think it was around $150!) the chances of the mattress getting wet are very, very low.

The Bad News: The mattress we bought is 3 times as heavy as a traditional spring mattress and our old bed frame will most likely not support it.

The Good News: They had a heavy duty steel bed frame for sale (how convenient!) for only $50 and can deliver it with our new mattress.

The Bottom Line: The next few nights are going to be crucial to our happiness. If we sleep well, life is good. If we don’t sleep well, and (heaven help us) we have to return this mattress, I predict weeks of misery.


claire said...

Oh, this is so funny. I love your blog. Good luck with the mattress!

Catherine said...

I need a mattress update!

Next time he should just let you buy the expensive shoes. It would be cheaper.

Afton said...

My thoughts EXACTLY Catherine. However, since we go on a date about once every 6 months, by the time we go again, it may be time for cute sandals.