Friday, September 28, 2007

Creative Temper Tantrum

Jonah is my creative child. He has lots of ideas and completely loses it if his skills are not equal to the idea in his head. This morning he wanted me to make a paper fan for him. I told him he was old enough to make his own fan and I showed him how to do it by making one for Isaac.

With a nice piece of scratch paper, Jonah attempted to make his own fan. His first fold was disappointingly skewed to the right. He smashed it a little in the middle which caused the fold to over-correct itself to the left. The mini-meltdown that followed that one small paper fold reminded me of the tantrums Don Music used to have on 1970's episodes of Sesame Street.

It went a little something like this (substitute paper folding for lyric composition)...


Catherine said...

That brings back memories! What a great show.

Angela Hunter said...

Jonah is so creative. I just love to see his work. Perhaps you could post a pic of his latest work of art.