Friday, January 4, 2013

Life Imitates Biscuit

I didn't write one single thing on this blog in December 2012. I will blame it on the fact that for Christmas I made my boys three sets of pajamas, three robes and three quilts which incorporated scraps of fabric from the Christmas pajamas I produced for them over the last 7 years. It was a lot of work. I started in September and finished the two days before Christmas.

I wanted to blog in November about how I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever. The turkey was a miracle of moistness and was the best tasting turkey I ever had. It was a miracle because it was the second turkey I'd ever attempted. I credit our digital thermometer, Alton Brown's brine recipe, and Robert's superior graphing skills (see graph below) for my wild success.

Robert accurately predicts the time the turkey will be done.

Another thing that happened: I was called to teach Gospel Doctrine class at church. It was a little overwhelming and time consuming. Ultimately, however, I've found preparing and teaching to be very rewarding. It's just a lot of work and a little bit of worry. But, my begging and pleading paid off and the bishop has called a second gospel doctrine teacher for the class. So I only have to teach every two weeks. I'm beyond thrilled! 

We had a lovely Christmas and everyone was happy. So, mission accomplished. 

Robert purchased and returned both a Kindle Fire and an iPad 3 or 4 between Black Friday and the day after Christmas. So he essentially got nothing for his birthday or Christmas. Nothing except two boxes of Panda Licorice. 

Last night we watched the Oregon Ducks beat the Kansas State Wildcats in the Fiesta Bowl. Jonah asked if he could eat a biscuit I'd just baked and in the style of a true artist, noticed a "face" burned into the bottom of his biscuit. I had to take a picture.

Now it is January. The days are getting lighter and longer. All the holiday stuff is down and I've been throwing out all kinds of junk we don't need anymore. Life is good.

Everyone is healthy (knock on wood) and we are all safe and happy. We have plenty to eat and forced air heat to keep us warm and sweaters and coats to wear when we go outside. What more could I want?

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