Saturday, June 16, 2012

Super Awesome Summer Revelations

Spending a ton of time with your kids often leads to the procurement of knowledge you wouldn't otherwise have. They talk, you listen, things just kind of . . . come out.

Like this:
The boys have a secret outdoor pee spot.

I learned of this as we were backing out of the garage on our way to play mini-golf. Jonah suddenly declared, "I have to go to the bathroom!" He jumped out of the car, but instead of running the three, maybe four steps into the house to pee in the super nice toilet we bought, brand new last November, he ran around the side of the house.

Isaac filled me in. "He's going to the secret pee spot."

"The what?" I said, praying I'd misunderstood.

"The secret, outdoor pee spot. So we don't have to come in the house to pee."

(Yeah, because that is so inconvenient.)

"Where is the secret pee spot," I asked.

"You know that blue barrel on the side of the house?" Isaac asked.

"You mean our emergency drinking water storage barrel?"

"Yeah. The blue barrel. The spot is right next to that."

"You're peeing next to our Emergency Drinking Water." I said, hoping the irony would not be lost on the kids. It was totally lost.


"Where we are going to get our water should there be an emergency? That's where you chose to pee?"


And so the conversation went. They didn't get it--didn't see the problem. Even after today, when I happened by the blue barrel filled with our emergency drinking water.

It smelled like the urinal at a gas station bathroom that hasn't been cleaned since the 80's.

Evidently, gas station urinal stench is undetectable to boys under ten years old.

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I-Shüan Warr said...

AAACK! Remind me when there's an emergency to not get water from your house!