Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Jell-o Project: Feeding the Missionaries

Earlier this week we had the missionaries over for dinner so I made Grandma's Gelatin Fruit Salad. Who better to appreciate the subtle complexities of a nice, Mormony Jell-o salad?

Or so I thought.

A few days before our dinner appointment, I started to hear rumors about one Elder and his particular eating habits. Evidently, he is a picky eater and doesn't eat fruit or vegetables or any food that is foreign or unusual to him.

But Grandma's Gelatin Fruit salad has marshmallows and bananas. Who doesn't like marshmallows and bananas? Not to mention the creamy Cool Whip slash custard layer on top?

One elder from Far West, Utah had two helpings.

The picky elder wouldn't touch it.

The rest of the family ate and enjoyed the Jell-o, except when Ethan pointed out the crushed pineapple in the bottom layer. Then there was some complaining. Some even claimed I'd been deceptive with the crushed pineapple.



Chelsea said...

We also fed the missionaries this month. We had a similar experience. We will be having mushrooms in our dinner at least twice a week, just to practice eating things we don't like.

I-Shüan Warr said...

I wonder if Elder A knows that it's every sister in our ward's goal to have him eat and enjoy a dinner. When he came to our house and I started to bring the food out, I saw the ANXIETY in his eyes and felt so sad for him worrying so much about FOOD. (It hits a little too close to home with Thomas!)