Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Stuff I Made From Pinterest

Here's the most recent round up of Pinterest wins and losses. I'm not spending as much time on Pinterest, but I'm still enjoying the great meal and dessert ideas.

Two Timing Pasta - Very easy, very tasty, but in a I-just-dumped-two-jars-of-sauce-on-cooked-pasta kind of way. To be fair, there's cheese in here too. I think everyone liked it except Isaac.*

I have most of the ingredients to make this yummy looking strawberry lemonade cake but have been to two stores and can't find strawberry cake mix or lemon Kool Aid. I've purchased both of these products in the past and know they exist. And I really, really want to make this cake. Nothing is more frustrating than having to look for hard-to-find ingredients.

Grilled Pesto Tomato Mozzerella sandwiches - Super yum. Had these grilled sandwiches for dinner tonight with a bowl of tomato soup on the side and everyone approved. Except Isaac who had to have his tomato taken out. (Heathen!) FYI, I did not make fresh pesto because I'm not crazy. And I used fresh mozzarella . . . in that I bought the package from the store today.

Hello Beet Cake! Yes my friends, it's a chocolate cake made with beets. Sound strange? Well, have you ever heard of carrot cake? Of course you have. Beet cake is not much different. There is a slight beet taste in the cake and icing (which by the way, is that not the most beautifully colored icing you've ever seen?) but the main taste is chocolate and cream cheese. And it's super moist. Everyone eventually liked it. Except Isaac.

Baked Potato Soup - Easy, since I didn't have to peel the potatoes. But oh my. Five pounds is a lot of taters to chop up. And, with a whole brick of cream cheese in this soup, it just felt a little heavy to me. Yummy to be sure, and I think everyone did like it—even Isaac—but this will probably only be a sometimes soup.

Spinach and Artichoke Baked Pasta - Not very many people liked this. I think Robert and I were the only ones. But we really, really liked it and I think the fact that the kids didn't care for it and that there was more for us, was even better.

Mounds Brownies - Speaking of not being able to find an ingredient, do you know how long it took me to find unsweetened coconut? Months! I finally found it where I'd looked for it a million times; sitting there with the Bob's Red Mill products in the health food section. The bag of unsweetened coconut was like, "What? I've been right here the whole time. What's your problem?" Anyway, the brownie layer is a mix and the frosting layer is from a can and the coconut is just mixed with a can of sweetened condensed milk. So they were easy, but tasted a little processed. Next time I'll probably substitute home made brownies and do everything else the same.

Breakfast Wreath - Quick and easy and, according to all three kiddos, the best dinner ever. (We have breakfast for dinner sometimes.)

When I saw the picture of this Lemon Dessert I thought it was more of a lemon curd filling. But it's just lemon pudding. And Cool Whip. I was not super impressed. Everyone tolerated it.

Calzone Rolls - Another best dinner ever, according to the kids. Fun and easy and quick. But I wasn't too sure about the bread part. I bought a loaf of french bread dough in the refrigerated tube. It was a little difficult to work with.

I've definitely found some meal ideas and desserts that will become part of my regular repertoire. Pinterest, you haven't lost me yet.

*you might start to notice a trend.


Anna said...

Afton, you need to start cooking at my house. I want to eat all those things but I don't want to cook them. Maybe in a month I'll feel up to going back into my kitchen to do something besides microwave a frozen burrito.

Renee said...

Well written!! And yummy!! I created a Pinterest board of things I've tried. :)

Kristi said...

About those Mounds brownies -- go to New Seasons and get the Dr. Oetker's brownie mix and the chocolate frosting mix. They're both super easy, and very delicious, making them totally worth the money (watch the New Seasons ads -- sometimes they go on sale.) Now that I see this recipe, I have GOT to try it!

a said...

My Iranian friend taught me to just rinse sweetened coconut and then squeeze to get the water out. Walah! Unsweetened coconut.

Natalie said...

I don't need Pinterest. I have your blog and I can just copy you. As soon as I saw that brownie picture, I skipped right down to it. I'm CRAZY about coconut. (To make that point--yesterday, I came home from Target with 5 bags of coconut M&Ms, 1 bag of Dove coconut chocolates, and 3 bags of coconut kisses. Crazy.) Anyway, I will try the brownies and definitely the spinach artichoke dish, and as soon as I have time, I will send you my own recipe for baked potato soup that you can eat more often with less guilt. Not "no guilt". But less guilt.

Galemarie said...

I had the same trouble finding Kool-Aid Lemonade. Who knew it would be so hard to find. But when I did finally get it I made the Strawberry Lemonade cake and it was absolutely delicious. It has become one of my go to recipes now. Tonight I am making something similar but using a yellow cake mix with Amaretto in it and instead of lemonade in the frosting I am adding almond extract and in place of strawberries for the top I am using roasted crushed almonds. Wish me luck!