Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, Thank-you Gift

Today is the last day of preschool for Isaac. For the last two years, Isaac has attended Little Apollo Preschool, some days more willingly than others.

His two brothers preceded him at Little Apollo, which means I've been walking the halls of Sunset High School for the last 8 years.

The teachers at Little Apollo are wonderful women and have really been a positive part of my kids lives, so I wanted to do something to thank them. Thus, the painted pots, garden gloves, tools and geranium.

A chapter closes.

Jonah and Ethan still have 3 more days of school (including today).

Jonah has a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Wilmes, who has taught him not just for this school year, but during reading camp last summer. She has inspired and indulged Jonah's creativity in ways I never could have, and allowed him to develop at his own pace.

Mrs. Wilmes' class is called "The Bug Catchers" so I thought I'd throw together this little "Bug in a Jar" wall hanging as a little thank you for her dedication and overall awesomeness.

I know it probably looks like "flowers in jar" from this distance, but trust me...there are bugs in those jars. The first jar is a Jonah creation, thanks to a set of $14 fabric pens (which we will use on other craft projects this stay tuned) and features his ant-covered name and a few other juicy bugs.

Ethan has also been lucky to have the worlds greatest teacher. Mrs. Liesinger has been more patient with Ethan than I ever would have been, or have been, for that matter. She praises his strengths and helps him develop his weaknesses into strengths.

Because of something called "looping," Ethan has had Mrs. Liesinger for 2 years. I couldn't have picked a better teacher for Ethan if I'd tried. Mrs. Liesinger is also getting a plant and garden tools, but instead of a painted terra cotta pot, she's getting a lovely hanging basket with coco fiber liner.

This brings me to the elephant in the room...

Summer break is here.

Well, ALMOST here. I have 3 more days (including today) thank you very much.

Don't get me wrong...the kids and I will have a fabulous time together. At least for the first 2 weeks.


Erika said...

What wonderful gifts! Especially the wall hanging--I'm sure that teacher will really treasure that. Enjoy your last 3 days. I think most of us moms feel the same way you do. Happy summer!

Emily Laing said...

The talented quilter strikes again! I hear you with fabulous teachers. I know your not supposed to worship others, but anyone who has my kids for 8 hours a day and gets them to actually learn something is worthy of worship.

claire said...

Boy, I thought I was so on top of things. I got the teacher and the bus driver gift cards. Ha ha. It works.