Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Scribblings: Confession

After all the complaining I've done about Ethan's participation in Little League this Spring, I have to confess...I am kind of enjoying baseball.

Please, don't let anyone know my new-found baseball feelings because I am thoroughly enjoying complaining about it. Additionally, I think Robert feels bad I have been stuck running the whole baseball show when our undisputed understanding was this would be HIS thing. I might just be able to parlay his guilt into a sister retreat or solo parent visit slash shopping spree.

Let me be clear: I am only "kind of" enjoying baseball. After all, it's fun to watch Ethan in action. He's a pretty good hitter and has even earned himself the spot as first in the batting line up.

Before the game this past Saturday, Ethan and his team did a few hitting warm-ups.

First up, Ethan took a few pitches under a light drizzle. In Oregon we do not call games for rain. I'm guessing if we did call games for rain, we'd never play.

Ethan's first hit wasn't a big one, but it got him to first base and eventually home.

After a few more innings of light rain, the sky kind of just opened up and let us have it.

The coaches conferred and decided to keep playing. Of course they did not consult any of the parents before making this decision. I can assure you that this parent would have begged for the game to be called.

Ten minutes later and the rain did not seem to be letting up. The pitcher is trading out the ball for a new one after every few pitches because the ball is so wet. The hitters have to keep wiping the dripping water off their faces.

I think to myself...I hate baseball. Get me out of here! Please! Call the game.

I think I hear thunder.

Then this kid (who I will forever be grateful to) slides, creating a 4 inch deep trough in the dirt right in to home plate.

The ump calls the game on account of the field getting ripped up and, thank goodness, we can leave. The coaches agree to finish the game another day (I vote for August) and we load up the car with our sodden camp chairs, blankets and umbrellas to go home.

On the way home we spot lightning and an actual emergency alert comes on the radio. You know, the one that usually starts out, "This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system." Only it's not a test. It's real. Our area has a severe storm warning. They even listed our very specific area of "Rock Creek" as one of the areas under warning.

We've got another game tonight and more rain is in the forecast.

I think I'm back to hating baseball.


Erika said...

I love it, baseball in the rain! Cool pictures, even though not so cool for you. I'm glad you're semi-enjoying baseball. Ü

Dee Martin said...

Oh yikes don't wish for August!! Of course it depends on where you are - baseball in August in Texas? Misery!
I hate sports of all kinds at all times but little league watching your own, they are just so cute. I was glad mine got it out of their systems early :)

Debbie said...

Are you liking your new camera any more than before? I liked your photos! :)