Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Which my Mental Ability Comes Into Question

Yesterday I called to wish my parents happy anniversary. Their anniversary is super easy to remember because they were married on 4-5-67. (Wasn't that clever of them?)

To be honest, I didn't realize it was their anniversary until around lunch time when I thought about the date. Yes, it was indeed the 5th. (I didn't seem to remember them being married on Cinco de Mayo...)

I called up to convey my warmest wishes and was told by my dad that I was a month late.


"What month is it?" He asked.

Um, oops.

I made the kids omelets for breakfast. I packed healthy lunches. I signed permission slips and wrote a check for a field trip. I was on!

I told Ethan I loved him and sent him off to the bus stop, then checked Facebook. For like 2 minutes at the most...could have been a few more.

Then Jonah comes downstairs and I think, "He's still here? What time is it?" He doesn't even have his shoes or coat on.

The bus had left 5 minutes ago without Jonah.


Only time will tell what will slip my addled brain tomorrow but I do have a dinner party planned, so there's some potential for slip-ups of unusual size.