Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ladies, (and Gentlemen, if you are out there, but I don't think you are...) I present to you, the best way to kick Seasonal Affective Disorder's butt this winter. Grow marigolds.

Not sunflowers, not corn or green beans or even delphiniums (which are lovely, by the way...just not what we are looking for right now).

It has to be marigolds and here is why.

Marigolds are easy to grow. They sprout quickly. I planted these darlings 4 days ago and look at them now! That's a quick return on your time investment. If you include the kiddos in your marigold growing endeavors, they will appreciate not having to wait to long to see some seed action.

Marigolds are hardy. It doesn't hurt to treat marigolds with a little TLC, but they aren't going to complain if you don't. Sure, you need to give them water and sunlight, but if you put them outside before they are ready, they have an uncanny way of pulling through.

Marigolds are pretty. Yellow, orange, red blooms the colors of sunshine and warmth and heat. You won't see the blooms (or the sun if you live here in the Pacific Northwest) for a while, but you will know they are there (just like the sun) waiting to come out and make everything bright and beautiful.

Marigolds from seed will save you money. Do you plant annuals around your home each year? It's easy to get carried away spending too much moolah on sprucing up the yard with flowers. I bought a flat of 72 little peat pellets and 2 packages of seeds and in a few months will have 72 sweet marigold plants to brighten up my yard...all for around $16.

Let me sum up...
1. quick and easy life, springing up before your eyes
2. happy little plants that won't let you down
3. flowers the colors of warmth
4. a nice little reminder about sunnier days, time spent outdoors, and did I mention warmth?
5. a bounty of flowers for left over for pedicure

See? Seasonal Affective Disorder gone.

You're welcome!


Samurai Mom said...

SAD is creeping up on me. I was going to start my garden seedlings - I think I will add a few flowers too.

Tara said...

I've never really loved marigolds; however, I have too many flower beds that needs flowers filling the space, otherwise the Utah desert weeds set in. Last year a neighbor gave me marigold starts she had grown and they did better than anything else! Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to start marigolds. And a tomatillo plant or two - they have a long growing season and we want the tomatillos sooner this year.

Erika and Ryan said...

Look at those cute little things! I think this is the perfect project for me and the kids to do next day off.

Marah said...

Lovely! I have never considered growing marigold seeds. I am thinking about an herb garden right now. Got any tips for that?

I-Shüan Warr said...

What is the blue light glowing in your house when I passed by today? Is that part of the marigold growing process or did you install a tanning bed?

I've heard that Marigolds keep slugs away too!

I-Shüan Warr said...

I love that picture, by the way! You always take good pictures!

Afton said...

Yes, it's a grow light for my babies. I'm not sure about marigolds as slug repellent, but they do attract beneficial garden bugs like ladybugs. They are great for planting around vegetable gardens for this very reason. I'll have to check into that slug thing.

Debbie said...

I have also heard that marigolds keep the slugs away. My old neighbor plants them on the border of his vegetable garden.

I MISS having some type of outside area of my own. At this point I'd just like a small deck (even the size of my old porch) and one planter! :)