Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer Reading

Lately, I've had a thing for young adult and juvenile fiction. Maybe it's because I can whip through them quickly, spending less time ignoring my kids. Or it could be a little self-indulgent research as I think about one day writing a book of my own. Whatever the reason, I've come across some really great reads among the YA and Juvinile fiction shelves of the library and have been on the look out for more.

The Horn Book has come out with its summer reading list and it includes everything from pictures books, early readers and middle grade books, young adult books and even poetry and folklore. One thing it doesn't include, however, is a book about a certain 17 year old wizard. That's ok because there are many other great suggestions on The Horn Book summer reading list that will fill your time before and after July 21st.

Here is the link

Here's one more list of summer reading goodness.

I can't personally vouch for all the selections at "bookshelves of doom" as I haven't checked absoultely every single one of them. However, this site was referenced by one of my favorite children's lit blogs, fuse #8, which is written by the librarian at the Donnell Central Children's Room of the New York Public Library, and this plucky librarian has rarely steered me wrong.

There are plenty of ideas for books to read, lots of groovy info on children's authors and illustrators, plus a lot of other stuff I didn't know I wanted to know.

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fusenumber8 said...

Wait'll you see the robot monkey link I put up tomorrow. Betcha you never knew you wanted to know about THAT!

Thanks for the link too.