Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Security Risk?

Robert had the opportunity to attend a friend's wedding in San Diego this past weekend. While waiting in line at the security check point, he noticed there was a delay and overheard some talk of someone's luggage containing knives.
As he patiently awaited his turn through the metal detector, one of the airport security agents pulled him aside and asked him to open his carry-on luggage. They explained the x-ray machine had shown HE was carrying knives.

Robert was a bit confused, but then realized his mistake: He had in his carry-on a wrapped wedding gift for his friend. The gift was 2 sets of flatware, which included spoons, forks and knives. They weren't steak knives. They were just regular table knives, capable of slicing through a cooked carrot or spreading a soft pat of butter. The forks probably would have been able to cause more bodily damage if that had in fact been Robert's intent.

After Robert unwrapped the wedding gift for further inspection, the security agents had a short pow wow and decided the knives were too dull to pose a threat. However, they did confiscate his 2 bottles of water before sending him on his way.

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Angela Hunter said...

I am laughing so hard, inside, because I'm at work and there are people everywhere. If I were at home you would probably hear my laughter all the way in Portland!