Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Pet No. 2

OK, there's an unitentified bug in the house!

“Jonah, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a flying bug. Bugs need to stay outside.”

“It’s just a little ball bug.” Jonah continued. I knew the exact bug he was referring to. Also known as a potato bug, sow bug, pill bug, roll-y poll-y, and even the much too descriptive, wood lice, I knew my next task would have to be finding the bug and getting it back outside.

“Show me where the bug is right now.” I asked Jonah, and he led me to his bedroom. In his top dresser drawer was a way-too-large, clear, plastic container, the lid tightly affixed. He pulled it out and very proudly showed me his new pet, a tiny balled up thing which rolled around haphazardly in it’s plastic prison. Jonah tilted the plastic container back and forth as if he were playing some cheap game of skill, trying to drop the little ball of a bug into a non-existent hole. He looked up, certain he had successfully demonstrated all the wonderful qualities of keeping wood lice for a pet.

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