Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here's Something New

I was at Bandito Taco, sitting across from my fifteen-year-old last week. It was a "You're Done With Finals" celebratory lunch. It was fun. It was mom and son bonding at its best. He said, "thank you" for the meal about five times in twenty minutes. It was a perfect moment.

Except I couldn't take my eyes off that fuzzy pre-pre-mustache above his lip. It was too dark not to notice, but also very, very fine. It was driving me nuts.

What do you do with a thing like that? Is it even razor-worthy? Should we just bleach it? Did facial hair even fall into my realm of responsibility? (I was fairly certain it did not.) This was uncharted man-territory for sure and I was lost. One thing I knew for sure, however:

That thing had to go.

I waited until our magical, special Bandito Taco time was over, until we were about half-way home, before I broached the subject.

"When we get home," I said, "I want you go to upstairs into my bathroom. I want you to open my bathroom drawer and find dad's electric razor. Then I want you to shave that thing off your lip. You know what I'm talking about, right?"

He smiled and nodded. We didn't need to discuss the issue further.

Later that afternoon the thing was gone. Mostly. He probably could have done with a bit of an electric razor tutorial, but I was not going to be that tutor. But, best of all, I had my boy back.

My butting in is probably just getting started. After all, if my realm of responsibility includes shaving instruction, maybe I could suggest a cooler hair style? Well, any hair style, really.

Because lately, when I sit across from him at dinner, I can hardly stand looking at his hair.


Natalie said...

Again, a photo would be nice. :) You might have to take one surreptitiously, but I would love to compare teenage boys' hair.

I-Shüan Warr said...

"I want you to shave that thing off your lip." I'm going to have to remember that one for when Peter turns 45 and starts growing one.

Betty Grace said...

I soooo relate to this! One son voluntarily doesn't shave (gotta look hipster which I guess includes splotchy facial hair) and the other I have to remind daily to brush teeth and do hair, so caring about facial hair is beyond imagination.

Samurai Mom said...

Lol~ I am dreading this conversation! The worst part is that they are so incredible proud of their fuzz.

andibell said...

NOw when I have lunch with you I will have to have one hand on my upper lip, and one on my chins! ahahah