Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The End of an Era

For three years I've carried this purse around.

You can read all about how I made it myself here

For three years I've received compliments on this purse. I kid you not. People actually come up to me and tell me they like my bag. It happened as recently as two weeks ago when I was shopping in Fred Meyer. 

Getting all these compliments is a heady experience. I got used to the compliments--depended on them, even. So it was with much confusion that I explored my growing malaise with this purse. It was getting tattered and worn. Even though I'd thrown it through the wash on multiple occasions, it just seemed dingy and old and dated. 

I started to wonder if some people were seeing the bag before they'd see me and thinking, oh, here she comes with that purse again. Is she going to hang onto that thing forever?

I'd be all ready to ditch the purse for something new when someone would compliment me again. I felt like shouting, "Are you kidding? This thing? Can you see how old and worn out it is? Do you not realize this same fabric has been on the shelf at JoAnn for over three years? There is nothing special about this purse!" But, of course, I never did. 

It took months for me to reconcile the possible loss of compliments with the intense desire for something new. But I've finally done it.

The old purse made one more trip through the wash and was folded up and put on a shelf in the closet. (A much higher honor than the under-the-bed status of my former purses.)

So, here's to another three years with my new Margaret Sling Bag.


Senia said...

My images aren't downloading on my computer, but I still know what purse you're talking about. The burnt orange and brown purse you made for me is sitting alongside me as we speak.

Natalie said...

So interesting that we have the exact same method of retiring old purses. Is this common to most women? Like you, I retire most purses by shoving them under my bed--why? in case I ever need that one again, which I never do. Other, more special purses get placed on a shelf in my closet. Love both of yours, but I totally relate to the *blah* of having even a great purse for too long.