Friday, August 10, 2012

Notes on Gardening and Napping

Today I harvested all the veggies from the north garden bed. I want to plant a fall crop of root veggies and lettuce and maybe some cilantro. Oh, and I want to try and get beans going really quick. And peas.

I've never planted a fall garden before.

Also, I canned three-bean Salad today. I've never canned three-bean salad before either. The beans look all wrinkly in the jars and I bet no one in my family will actually eat it except me. Isaac kept asking if it really had three beans it in. I said, "Yes. It has wax beans, green beans and kidney beans."

"But does it really have only three beans?"

"Yes," I repeated, and covered the varieties of beans the salad would contain. I knew what he was really asking was whether or not the salad would have a total of three actual beans in it. But I thought my answer cleared that up since I stated the three varieties. Anyway, we went back and forth like this for a while until I showed Isaac the actual salad and he understood.

Also, I'm kind of tired of summer and want to just take a nap. All the time. Which is pathetic because currently Robert is working 18+ hour days at Intel, 7 days a week and if anyone deserves a nap, it's him. Not me.

Still . . .


Anna said...

I love 3 bean salad. And I've had 3 bean salad with 4 beans before. That was good too.

I-Shüan Warr said...

You're just tired FOR Robert. Sympathy pains. And you're probably worn out from all that driving to and from Camp Ireland!

It's awesome that you have a "north garden bed".

Erika said...

I also love 3 bean salad-do you have a good recipe? I've never ever thought of canning it. I'm with you on the summer thing-now that the days are slowly starting to get shorter, I am craving autumn time and cooler days.