Monday, August 27, 2012

To Muster, or Not to Muster

I most definitely, one hundred percent, do not want to have a garage sale. The very thought of the work it would take to go through closets and bedrooms and kitchens and that storage area under the house that is only accessible by going through the two and a half foot-tall door on my hands and knees gives me heart palpitations.

So there's that. But also there's pricing, organizing and advertising. After all that, the chances that I would actually have things that someone wanted are slim to non-existent.

If, by some chance, I was able to bring myself to sort and sift and organize and advertise, half of my merchandise will probably be reintroduced back into the house by the boys, who, regardless of the fact that they've not thought once about Candyland (with half game pieces missing) for the last five years, will suddenly become very sentimental about Candyland and insist that we put it back into that little space under the eaves and not think about it for another five years.

What I really want to do is purge. I want to get rid of stuff and reclaim my space. I love space. It calms me. It makes me happy. And I don't mind purging. It's a solitary job and doesn't require that I post ten color coordinating signs at intersections with in a two-mile radius of my house. Purging is good.

This time, however, the amount of stuff, as well as the type of stuff that is going to be purged warrants a garage sale. It can't be denied. And that garage sale is breathing down my neck and whispering things in my ear like, "it's time," and "you know you want to," and "you can't put this off much longer."

But I CAN put it off longer. We just won't be able to park in the garage for a year.

That shouldn't be a problem, should it?


I-Shüan Warr said...

I know what you mean. OUr garage has been taken over by garage sale stuff. I was telling Ryan tonight I think I just want to throw it all in the DI trailer. BUT I think there's some good stuff in there! (Not that I wouldn't put good stuff in the DI trailer!)

I think I'm going to quickly put a price on everything, have a short garage sale and give the rest to DI or Goodwill. Wanna join me? :-) We need to park in our garage again some day too!

Amanda Dahl Larimer said...

I'm ready to do a good clean out myself. But DON'T have a garage sale. I would just come and buy all your junk and then be back where I started.

Tricia said...

I cannot handle the thought of having a garage sale! Too much work, not enough returns. Take pictures, donate & claim it on your taxes I say...

Good luck to you!