Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Which I Get Graphic

It can be a challenge to get boys to read. So when Jonah and Isaac were fighting over a book the other night, I admit to feeling proud instead of annoyed. And last night, when Jonah wouldn't put down his book at dinner, I kept quiet.

In the past graphic novels and comics have been sidelined and shunned. Thankfully, though, they're now starting to gain acceptance among educators, librarians and parents as legitimate forms of literature.  I might not be able to get my kids to sit down and read through one of the several Newbery books on my shelf, or any one of the other fabulous books I know they'd love, but they will willingly pick up a graphic novel and sit and read--sometimes for twenty minutes!

How can I complain about that?

Here are a few of their favorites.

Warriors Series - These are based on the chapter books by the same name. There are cats that do things and I'm not sure what those things are, but Jonah couldn't read the 9 books fast enough. Many nights he was reading these in bed with a flashlight. And of course I did not make him turn it off.

Squish - Portland illustrator Matthew Holm visited Jonah and Isaac's school and we got signed copies of Squish 1 and 2. Isaac is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Squish 3 in the mail. There are science experiments in the back of each book.

Meanwhile - This was the book Jonah and Isaac were fighting over and I know exactly why. It's a visual "choose your own adventure book" with lines or tubes to follow to take you to the tab that will reveal the end of your story. Super fun.

Big Nate - This appears to be a rip off of the Wimpy Kid books, but Jeff Kinney himself offered a blurb for the front cover, so they have his stamp of approval. Best of all, there are lots of books in the series. I've counted about 9.

Wimpy Kid - Duh

Astronaut Academy Zero Gravity - Who wouldn't want to read about space school? My teenager seems to like this one better than the younger boys.

Knights of the Lunch Table - My 10 year old liked this one better than the 8 year old. They're short and quick reads. It looks like there are 5 books in the series so far.

Daniel Boom: Loud Boy - I don't know what this one is about, but I'm guessing there is a loud kid involved. And Jonah liked it, so maybe your boy will like it too.

Dragonbreath - This probably isn't technically a graphic novel. There are more words than pictures. But  my boys can't get enough. With titles like "Attack of the Ninja Frogs," "Lair of the Bat Monster," and "Curse of the Were-wiener," how can you go wrong?

Bone - An adventure series that Jonah loved. He read every book.

Comic Compilations:
Zits: The life and times of a lazy, but lovable teenage boy.
Foxtrot: The life and times of a geeky but lovable young boy and his family.
Calvin and Hobbes: The life and times of a precocious, but lovable kid and his imaginary tiger friend.
Garfield: The life and times of a fat but lovable cat with attitude and his pathetic human.
Dilbert: The life and times of an engineer. And he's lovable

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