Friday, December 30, 2011

Statement of Disbelief Regarding My Progeny*

Yesterday was Ethan's birthday and here are the things he got to do:
  • Have a special breakfast made by Dad
  • Go to Burgerville for lunch and have a pepper bacon, Tillamook cheese burger with fries and a chocolate shake.
  • Go bowling with Dad
  • Go out for sushi with Mom
  • Have birthday cake
  • Stay up late

It's true. It's hard for me to understand how I can have a fourteen year old son when we were just bringing him home from the hospital yesterday. I remember that Ethan was born close to 9pm and I thought how wonderful it was that I would be able to go to sleep around 11 by the time everything got tidied. I figured I'd have a fabulous night's sleep now that my big belly was gone. Then the nurse said, before turning out the lights, that she would come in and wake me around 2am. 


I couldn't understand why in the world she would wake me up at that awful hour. When I was sleeping! 

And then I figured it out. Oh, right. The baby.

And today that "baby" went bowling (again) and stunned us all with his trick shot, backwards, through the legs strike! He invited friends and we used a Groupon and had lunch and frosted cookies (instead of cupcakes because the store was sold out of cupcakes at 9pm last night) and soda and three games of bowling and time in the arcade afterwards. 

I'm glad Ethan has such a great group of friends. 

*Title inspired by this video

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Erika said...

That is one lucky kid! Sounds like the perfect birthday. Just have to say that I love your new bathroom and all the new decor! I also love the map idea and knife chopping block idea...I need to check out your blog more often. Maybe now that the holidays are over...Happy 2012!