Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Kitchen: What It Is

If I waited until I got everything done on my kitchen re-do, I would never post pictures of my progress. I thought that would be unfair to all my adoring fans who, I'm sure, check this blog daily to see if I've posted my big reveal.

And I wanted a big reveal. I wanted everything on my list done, done, done before I posted pictures. But, as I was reminded by a good friend and talented decorator today, it is what it is. So, I'm going for the medium-sized reveal.

Here, without further ado, is what IT is. (Click here to see "before" pictures)

New chairs at the kitchen table. Not refinished or painted and dearly in need of some attention. But, it is what it is. I think they look fabulous with my grandma's old table.

Wall color is Sandstone Cove by Behr, the island is Castle Path, also by Behr.

There's a brand new, beautiful light fixture over the kitchen table and flour sack towel window treatments on the windows. I've put some canning supplies on top of the cupboards. You can't really see, but there is an awesome chicken-wire basket holding all my rings and lids, plus two wire bale jars.

Here's another view of the kitchen. What's that you say? I forgot to paint the island cupboard door? Well, not exactly. I didn't forget. I was lazy and indecisive. You see, we have a nice piece of bead board that will fit inside that cupboard panel perfectly. But I wasn't sure how to remove the panel and put in the bead board, even though I've watched many, many YouTube and HGTV videos on the subject. One day I will paint it. For now, it is what it is.

I want to put bubble glass in the cupboard doors over the desk. But again, I run into the problem of not knowing how to take out the panels and put in glass. But I'm going to do it. I've already cleaned up the shelves inside too, so they are ready to go on display. Honest!

 I love the shiny piece of sheet metal on the pantry door as our new magnet board. It's mostly covered by perfect, 100% papers from school (no, I'm not joking) and you can't really see the shiny sheet metal, but--repeat after me--it is what it is.

The inspiration item for the kitchen redo was my grandma's milk glass salt and pepper shakers. (And I'm noticing now that I didn't even get a nice close up of them.) As I worked on the kitchen, I realized that I have a whole lot of other things that were my grandma's that I love, and that I wanted to showcase. And so the Jell-o molds now have a prominent place in my kitchen. I want to shab up their little shelf though and then it will go on the wall near my kitchen sink. (See the frame in the corner of the picture? That might be the look I'm going for.)

See this sign? It's a real, honest-to-goodness farm sign. It was posted outside my grandfather's ranch for at least 30 years. It's weathered and bits of wood fall off from time to time, and those paint flakes--probably lead. But I'm almost positive it's free of termites. I'd like to display this somewhere in the kitchen, but I'm not sure it will work. It's big and it might just be too overpowering for the room.

Here's what I had in mind for the sign--over the kitchen sink. What do you think?

Oh by the way, that curtain rod over the sink is stretched to its limit and a little saggy in the middle. I'm going to fix that too. 

Here's a glimpse into what the wall art will look like. This is a copy of a picture from an old cookbook my grandma sent me when I was seven years old. It used to be my mom's. I've got the edited pictures all ready to print (thanks I-Shüan). I just have to print them and put them in the frames. And I will. Soon. 

And here's another view of the island. I could have just shown you this side and you never would have seen the unfinished door. But, with honesty comes freedom. The unpainted cupboard reminds me that I'm not perfect and I won't be as long as I live on this earth. So I shouldn't go nuts trying to reach some crazy, glossy magazine standard of life because no one is that perfect. And we don't have to be. 

Oh! And one more thing:

My rug! It actually worked. And I actually kind of like it. I made another one for the door to the backyard, but I'm not picturing it here. That's where I draw the line at honestly and full disclosure. It doesn't lay flat and the boys got some mud on it when they came in from outside the other day. And I'm not sure it will survive the wash. (ha!)

It is what it is.


Emily said...

I am in love girlfriend!!!! Way to go! Done is when you are dead!! The island looks fabulous, the curtains are amazing, the sign above the sink will look spectacular, the all works. Way to go Momma!

Karina said...

I love it! I am glad that sign is getting some use! I was wondering where it ended up.

I-Shüan Warr said...

Everything looks so good! I love the shelf for the jello molds! Maybe you could put scrapbook paper along the back to add some color. You've done a great job. And I'm so impressed with the rug! Way to go!

a said...

Oh it is amazing!!! So beautiful and you and perfect! Yes I used the p word. I totally think the sign over the sink. That will be a wonderful place for you to see it when you do dishes and take your mind off dishes but on to the farm.... LOVE IT!!!

Allyson said...

Great job! So glad to see the transformation. Take your time and don't rush it, you will finish it one day.

Heather said...

Everything looks great! It looks bright, cheery and fun, and I'm so glad you did it. What fun, and I hope you figure out how to do the cupboard doors--that sounds far too complicated for me to even consider.

Erika said...

I love what you did with it, love the farm sign, love the light fixture, love the rug (so cool that you made it yourself), just love everything. Good job Afton!

Steve Atwood said...

Where does Robert sit??