Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Time

This year for Halloween, the boys went as Link from The Legend of Zelda video game. I made the costumes which consisted of tunics, fingerless gloves, hats, boots and baldrics (that thing that goes over the shoulder that holds the sword.) The shirts and sweats I got from I also made shields and sword sheaths.

Here's how it all turned out.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the pointy ears. There is a story that goes with the pointy ears and it includes no one wanting to wear them, me begging, then me threatening and then all the ears falling off before the festivities even got started. Sigh.

Ethan just came home with 12 pounds of candy. He is currently in his room sorting through it and thanks to the Halloween Witch fiasco of 2008, he will not part with one ounce. Jonah and Isaac have a normal amount of candy, probably one pound each, and have already each sold me a dollar's worth @ 5 cents per candy.

Halloween is like this gateway to the rest of the holidays that demand so much time and money and pomp. Somehow I can get away with a pumpkin and a bowl of candy for my Halloween decorations, but soon, much, much more will be required. And so along with "Happy Halloween" I also must add, "here we go."


a said...

Hold on tight cuz here we goooooooo!
Way awesome costuming! I would like a somewhat modest tinkerbell costume please....

Heather said...

Funny to look at the difference between your last sentence of this post and mine in my post. :)

I-Sh√ľan Warr said...

Amazing job on the boots!

I keep meeting more and more people who don't do Halloween. And people who keep doing more and more for Halloween. Chrissy came over today to convince me that he needed more candy because he didn't come over last night. Of course I remember he did because his Dad kept saying (about the gross bloody mask), "I'm not the one who bought it."