Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eyes Bigger Than Wallet

There's a new shop in town: Divine Frozen Yogurt.

First, this makes me feel old. I still remember what a scam frozen yogurt was the first time around. It's yogurt, so you feel healthy for eating it, but then you buy a gigantic container and top it with all kinds of toppings and really, is it that much better for you than ice cream? It's a health illusion.

Second, it's one of those serve-yourself outfits, which is also just a huge scam. I mean who can resist pulling that handle and watching the frozen goodness swirl into your cup. And who can possibly resist piling on toppings--as much as you want? And they have free samples. So you walk in and get your little paper cup and try out whatever flavor you want. For free. Then you're all hopped up on cake batter frozen yogurt and buying a giant cup is the only option.

But you can't weigh it out until the very end. And you walk right by the topping bar and how much can crushed Oreos weigh anyway? Probably not very much. Besides 44 cents an ounce is hardly anything.

And then you proceed to the register and all of a sudden you've found yourself holding $3.57 worth of frozen yogurt and crushed Oreos. Just to put that in perspective, last week I bought a 1.75 quart of Tillamook ice cream for $3.

So, you see? It's a double scam. You might be inclined to buy more because it's yogurt AND you might be inclined to buy more because you're the one getting hooked on the free samples, pulling the lever and walking past the toppings bar with their 75 different toppings, syrups and sauces.

And I'll probably be back this weekend.


Chelsea said...

This place is on my black list. I took my kids here and I was totally new to the whole weighing system (they should have huge red signs saying, don't leave your kids near handles unattended or forego your college funds), and I swear those cups are SO huge and of course I couldn't keep up with all four kids bowls AND do mine and Caden's so I didn't monitor very well and the total was almost $20! I was so furious! I could have gotten us all lunch and dessert for that price. The bitter taste in my mouth after paying wasn't even mollified by that yummy topping coated yogurt either. I don't even know if my kids enjoyed it that much either what with all the guilt and rage I was throwing at them!! Definitely will have to go again when I can go with just my husband or with one kid at a time and my own personal scale! haha.

Erika said...

I love this frozen yogurt craze we are in. There are so many different places to choose from. I personally love Red Mango the best, but unfortunately we don't have one close by here. Divine sounds just like our Skinny Dip. Yes, the only downfall is you really have to watch yourself with the toppings. My fav is just a simple vanilla-type flavor (I love cake batter anything too) with mangoes on top. Simple, healthy, and so so yummy!