Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Sad

Did you see the OSU/USC game last night? Holy upset Batman! Who would have thought little Oregon State would have toppled no. 1 USC? And speaking of little, did you see true freshman Jacquizz Rodgers? He's 5'7", 193 pounds and could NOT be stopped. He rushed for 186 yards last night and most of that was straight up the middle into on-coming tacklers.

The Oregon State game was so fun to watch, I didn't even feel bad about missing the season premiere of The Office and Ugly Betty. Of course I thought both shows were being recorded, so it was a bit of a let down this morning when I realized they had in fact not recorded. For some reason Star Trek was set up to record and so my shows' recording was canceled. Star Trek.

Still, good times.

Now for some bad times.

Jonah has been trying out taekwondo for the last week or so. He really seems to be enjoying it and I think it's great for him. Our first few lessons were free but now it's time to decide about whether or not to go on. It will be a 6 month commitment and when Robert and I are considering cutting out TV service to save money, $700 over 6 months doesn't make a lot of financial sense.

Why didn't we figure this out before Jonah got the cool taekwondo outfit and became attached to Master George and his bi-weekly lessons? Good question.

Now the fun task of breaking the news to Jonah falls to me. Robert said I could offer to get him a pack of Pokemon cards if he seems really upset. Yeah, that should smooth things over.


Erika and Ryan said...

That's a toughy. It's hard to tell our kids no when they really want to do something, but sometimes that's the breaks. Life just isn't always fair. I can kind of relate to this with our girls and their violin lessons. We started 5 years ago when my hubby had a great job, and before all of this 'going back to school' stuff, so financially I thought we could handle it. So now we're stuck. We've invested so much time and money into lessons and violins (ya, try $1500 for Gwen's latest's not even a full-size has awesome sound though and she's to the point where she needs a really good one)that we can't quit now. So somehow we'll make the violin lessons work through our upcoming medical school years, even if it means we sacrifice other things. Good times!

Emily Laing said...

I watch all of my favorite shows online for FREE! I watched Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy this morning in fact. That way, I can save money and my kids get piano lessons and Lego Robotics. I never got to do anything as a kid so it's hyper important to me.