Friday, April 13, 2007

Pre-Vacation Jitters No. 3

The tales of vomit continue!

One of the things I immediately realized was that vomit covered clothes and bedding could not sit, untouched, for two weeks while we were away on our family vacation. Nor could I have wet or damp bedding growing mold in my laundry room. I quickly understood that my night would not be used for sleeping, but for seeing to it that everything that vomit had touched, and it touched just about everything, was thoroughly cleaned and dried.

I threw the bed spread, pillow and flat sheet, and pajamas into the first load. The blanket, mattress pad, stuffed animal and fitted sheet would have to wait for the second.

After Jonah was cleaned, sweet smelling and dressed in a clean pair of pajamas, I laid him down on the sofa in the playroom under some fresh blankets. As an added security, I grabbed a plastic bowl from the kitchen an placed it next to him where he lay, then returned to my bed for a few moments of rest before it was time to start the next load of laundry.

My rest was short lived as the second round of vomiting ensued, but thankfully, this time, Jonah had contained all of it in the little plastic bowl and it was time for me to change the laundry anyway.

At 4am, I threw the last load of laundry into the dryer and laid my head down for what would be the last time before the alarm went off at 5am.

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