Thursday, April 26, 2007

The End of the Story, For Now

I hope my faithful readers (that means you Mom!) will forgive me for ending Pre-Vacation Jitters at this point. To be honest, the rest of the 2 week vacation was wonderfully uneventful. Also, this is all I’ve written so far and I’m not sure if I will write more.

Several people have suggested I create some kind of mystery to solve at Disneyland (possibly the mysteriously high prices of churros and bottled water) or some other conflict that could carry the story a little farther. But for now, I think I will let the story sit.

We did end up staying overnight at my sister’s house in Oakdale before continuing on to Disneyland and just to show you what a nice time we had, check out the slide show on my May 3rd post.


Catherine said...

The slide show didn't work for me. :( I'm glad the rest of the vacation went well. You got all the bad stuff out in the beginning.

How about the mysteriously high price of PICKLES at Disneyland? Of all things, pickles. They cost, like, $3.50 I think for a single one.

I always wanted one of those chocolate covered frozen bananas but I could never bring myself to buy one.

Afton said...

Yes, the link is bad and I'm currently working with my technology specialist (Angela) to get my slide show up and running. I think she's successfully loaded two on her blog.

Check back and hopfully I'll have it all figured out.

I always wondered who was buying the pickles at Disneyland. I've never been one to snack on a pickle and I don't know if I'd pay $3.50 for a whole jar, let alone a single pickle.

Catherine said...

I'm glad tech support was able to figure it out for you. Rah rah Angela!

I loved the slide show. It's making me feel a little homesick for California though. Ah, good times.