Monday, October 19, 2015

Lost Retainer: REWARD!

You know how sometimes kids lose things*? 

Also, you know how those things are sometimes soul-crushingly embarrassing to admit you own, and therefore almost impossible to talk about resulting in a lowered probability of ever, ever finding them?

Finally, there is a solution: The ambiguous LOST flyer. 

No one has to know. Identities are not disclosed. You don't even really need to bring the humiliated teen's name up at all. Just print 400 of these beauties up, plaster them all over town, and preserve the dignity of your ungrateful teen. 

*Posting for a friend.


Debbie said...

Too funny! Did it work? :)

Afton said...

If you can believe it, this really was for a friend. I printed it out and gave it to her and told her I was surprised they didn't have one already on Google images. Putting it on my blog was my way of trying to get it to show up in Google images. :)