Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Mothers Cry at Eagle Courts of Honor

If Ethan ever earns the rank of Eagle Scout, at his Court of Honor, when he bends down to pin that mother's pin on me, I will remember the day I worked so hard to sew patches onto his new and bigger shirt so that he could meet with his Scout leader the next night to pass off the One Last Thing he had to earn his Life rank.

And I will remember the next night, the night of the meeting with his Scout leader, when it was revealed at dinner that he hadn't yet done that One Last Thing.

I will remember the fighting as Ethan tried to teach Jonah how to tie a bowline knot using the EDGE method. I'll remember the screaming and the stomping and thinking there was no way those two boys would be able to cooperate long enough for Ethan be able to complete this One Last Thing in time.

However, miracle of miracles, they did! Now, all that was left was getting to the church with his Scout shirt and his Scout book so he could talk with his leader and schedule the Board of Review and advance to the rank of Life Scout.

And on that day (if it ever comes) when Ethan earns the rank of Eagle, this is what I will remember most: me, sitting in the car, waiting for him to come downstairs so I could drive him to his activity where he would meet with his Scout leader. I will remember how he came down without his Scout Shirt and how I said, "Go get your shirt!" The shirt I spent hours sewing patches onto so you would have it for this very moment! (I ironed that shirt, for crying out loud. Ironed!)

And I will remember Ethan saying, "No, I'm not getting it. I can't find my Scout book, so there is no reason for me to wear my shirt. I can't pass off that One Last Thing tonight."

And I will remember me begging to PLEASE, just get your shirt. Let's talk to your Scout Leader and see if we can get it passed off without your book.

And he said no.

So if you see me getting the mother's pin pinned to my blouse at the Eagle Court of Honor that may or may not happen, and notice a tear trickle down my cheek, you will know exactly what is playing through my mind.

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