Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Special Spoon

Somehow I ended up with a spoon from the church kitchen.

Actually, I "borrowed" a bunch of spoons, forks and knives from the church kitchen for a Christmas party I had a while back so I wouldn't have to use plastic ware and this little spoon ended up left behind when I returned all the other flatware.

Anyway, the spoon. It's plain compared to my other Oneida "tea rose" spoons and somehow, it's been designated as the special spoon. The boys taunt each other when they get it passed out to them at a meal.

I can understand if that was the only odd spoon out in our silverware drawer, but it's not. There is another spoon that is different. Robert purchased it in Japan when he was over there for work so he could eat at his hotel room and not have to buy every meal out. And the spoon came home with him.

"Why isn't that spoon the special spoon," I asked.

"It just isn't," Jonah said.

"It's not fancy. This other spoon is a little nicer. I would think this would be the special spoon."

"It's like when Indiana Jones chooses the cup at the end of The Last Crusade. He picks the one that is plain because that is the cup of a carpenter. This spoon is like that cup."


I'm not sure if they actually think they have the holy spoon, but considering it is church property, there might be something to their reasoning.


Brittany Jensen said...

Ha ha! I have a spoon from the church, too. I can't even remember why but for months it has been sitting there, waiting for me to return it because I had no intention of "stealing" it when it came home with me. Why can't I remember why that was? And why can't I remember to return it.....

Samurai Mom said...

We have lucky forks. There is more than one but not enough for every one. Also we have one fork that Cameron bent in a fit of rage that never flattened back out just right. We make him use it whenever it pops up. I suppose we could just toss it but it seems so much better to make him use the deformed fork.